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If you are in the market for high quality language services in German, Italian, English, French or Spanish you have come to the right place. Lucia Monti and Dominik Berger-Severini offer professional translations as well as editing and interpreting services with individual support for your project. We will personally attend to your needs in order to guarantee high quality results and a successful collaboration. 

Simultaneous Interpreting

Do you have a multilingual conference or meeting planned?
On-site simultaneous interpreters provide the means for seamless communication without any language barriers or delays.

Consecutive Interpreting

Are you organising a conference, a meeting or a talk with two languages, but the event should manage without a big technological effort? Consecutive interpreting might be the right choice for you.

Community Interpreting

You don't have to go alone to a doctor appointment or when you need to deal with public authorities. We are happy to help you clear bureaucratic and linguistic hurdles.

Telephone Interpreting

Phone a friend is not only an option on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Sometimes circumstances don't allow for an interpreter to be physically present and in these cases telephone interpreting could be the solution.


You have written a text, but your target audience does not speak your language? We will translate your text with all its nuances and your personal style in the language and culture of your desired audience.


To err is human! Having a professional proofread your work ensures that your readers are provided with an impeccable text. We will make sure to work on your words until even the last comma is in place.

Accompanying Interpreting

Care for company? Accompanying interpreters provide their services to individuals and small groups for mobile events like trade fairs, exhibitions and guided tours.

Remote Interpreting

It might sound like science fiction to have professional simultaneous interpreters at your disposal with the push of a button. Remote interpreting services might be the future of multilingual events just around the corner.


We know that every project is unique. This is why together with you we will design made-to-measure solutions for your individual order. 


In situations when language barriers might hamper your workflow our mission is to help you communicate quickly and efficiently.


Trust is key in a successful working relationship. We handle our commissions in a timely manner, adhering to our high quality standards.

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