Frequently interpreting is confused with translation, even though the term is referring to an entirely different discipline. Translators work with written texts, whereas interpreters translate oral discourse from one language to another. 

Interpreting is spoken word., in the moment., impromptu.

Whether you are organising a conference, a seminar, a business meeting or any kind of multilingual event: In order to ensure seamless communication for conferences, training courses, business meetings or any other multilingual event language barriers have to be overcome. This is why interpreters play a crucial role in making your event a success for all participants. We offer excellent interpreting services, exclusively by trained interpreters for German, Italian, English and French in Graz, Vienna, Berlin and surrounding areas.

Different settings require different types of services. Generally a client has to differentiate between the following interpreting modes:

Simultaneous Interpreting

enables almost instant translation of spoken discourse into multiple languages at the same time. The interpreters are located in a sound-proof booth and use a microphone to convey the contents of the event to clients with a receiving unit and headphones. This interpreting mode is usually applied at international conferences, congresses, meetings and lecures with multiple working languages.

Consecutive interpreting

allows communication between two parties of different languages without the use of simultaneous equipment. While the speech is held in its source language, interpreters apply a special note taking technique and render an apt version in the target language on stage, after the original speech is over. This interpreting mode is frequently used in conferences with fewer working languages, meetings and multilingual speeches and lectures.

Accompanying Interpreting

as the name suggests the interpreter accompanies a single client or a small group of clients. This interpreting mode is usually used for events which require attendees to be mobile and involves interaction in larger spaces and with multiple parties. Possible settings for this interpreting mode are trade fairs, exhibitions, factory visits and guided tours.

Community Interpreting

becomes a necessity when a client needs linguistig support in order to communicate with authorities in legal matters, education and health among others. The interpreter accompanies the client to appointments and facilitates communication via a hybrid form of consecutive, chuchotage and accompanying interpretation. Generally this interpreting mode is used for doctor appointments, therapy as well as consultations in the educational field and with authorities.

Telephone Interpreting

enables an interpreter to provide professional services when it is not possible to have all involved parties and the interpreter in the same location. The interpreter relays the conversation via a live telephone connection, usually using a consecutive technique. This interpreting mode is frequently used for technical support via the phone.

Remote Interpreting

has been developed fairly recently in an attempt to make simultaneous interpreting and its many advantages accessible to a broader market. Now clients can choose between a variety of platforms, which offer different services and sets of tools. Lucia Monti and Dominik Berger are registered as certified interpreters on

It goes without saying that conference interpreters need to have excellent command of their working languages. Another key element to a successful interpretation is specific topical preparation for each particular assignment. Lucia Monti and Dominik Berger are specialised in the fields of marketing, tourism, politics and law. Due to our academic training and work experience it is natural for us to research a wide range of topics prior to any given assignment in order to be prepared for various circumstances. This ensures an optimal translation and consequently the success of any multilingual event.

We offer our professional services in the following language combinations:

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