The term translation usually refers to the transference of written text into a target language, which also requires, among other things, an acute sense of the underlying intentions of the author and the general tone of the original text. This is why translation is also a form of necessary adaptation in order to grant smooth and reliable communication and simply can not be seen as the mere task of interchanging one word of a source language for another word in the target language. In order to recreate a perfect text, which has the desired effect on its intended audience, while maintaining the content and feel of the original, translators require experience, flexibility and an impeccable linguistic instinct.

In order to adhere to these criteria, Monti|Berger exclusively work according to the principle of native languages, which means that we only use the services of professional translators and all texts are proof-read by experienced native speakers. The result is a product, which is conform with international best practices and quality standards. As is the case with all services offered on our platform, Monti|Berger guarantees highest discretion with the information you provide us with. 

We provide the following translation services:

Specialised translation refers to rendering a usually specialised text, written in a source language into one or more target languages. These texts pertain to a technical field, e.g. economy, industry or technology and require a certain level of background knowledge and experience in the subject at hand. Monti|Berger frequently translate texts in the following categories:

  • Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Textile industry
  • Arts and culture
  • Arms industry
  • Fossile and renewable energy
  • Medicine
  • Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Technology

The term website translation itself is quite self-explanatory. When translating a website, generally there is also an element of advertisement - e.g. for a product or a service - which has to be rendered accordingly into the language and culture of the target audience. In order to make a web presence successful, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a critical tool, which needs to be used correctly in order to obtain the desired results in any desired language. Monti|Berger have experience with translations focussing on search engine optimisation

Translating legal texts requires extensive knowledge of legal processes in both, the culture of the source language and the target languages. Over the years Monti|Berger have acquired relevant experience and expertise with the translation of legal texts, contracts, manuals and official communication and are certified to offer sworn translations for German and Italian in the Berlin area.

Language design in its definition tends to stray from the classic concept of translation and can be considered part of the field of (trans)creation. Within the domain of language design Monti|Berger offer among others the creation of content in a target language based on a concept. This process is generally referred to as content creation. Also the adaptation of contents and texts for a specific target culture, commonly known as localisation is among our services and is frequently used in the process of making video games and websites available to a broader audience.

Our professional services are available in the following language combinations:


Two heads are better than one! Have you already had a translation or a text in the desired target language done and want to be sure that it is perfect? We offer editing services for German and Italian texts.

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Gladly we will take a look at your texts and edit them until they suit your needs perfectly. For us editing is more than mere proof-reading: grammar, syntax and spelling provide a solid base for a well-written text, but making sure your unique style and your intentions are properly conveyed is where we excel. When editing technical texts, we put particular emphasis on exact terminology and coherence. In the case of advertising and marketing texts we pay special attention to attributing the right linguistic representation of your company.

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